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Wells Shipping Agency worked as an international freight forwarder and chartering broker with an effective network covers strategic locations in Asia, America and Europe.

With decades of experience and knowledge of international shipping and inland transportation, Wells Shipping Agency provides clients with a straight-line system of operation, supplying information and control from the time of pick-up to the time of delivery at the final destination.

Wells have never stop streamlining its system and structure to keep up with the pace of times. We make sure our teams are under effective management to ensure our clients are always taken care of by great professionals.

"Customer Satisfaction is always ahead", we at Wells is always ready to assist you with a 100% automated system in achieving your business goals. With our commitment to this strategy, which is shared by all of our staff, we will continue to drive Wells Shipping Agency forward and into the future. We believe that your smile is our main purpose to carry on.

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