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Diversity is one of the key drivers of our business success, We expect our employees to respect and encourage the strength that comes from diversity.

We are committed to providing equal and diverse opportunities for our employees to develop and grow, both personally and professionally. We want benefiting from differences to be a natural part of our processes.

Position Exchange
Wells in order to offer an accurate career-positioning for our employees and better implementation of their own career planning,we implement an annual voluntary exchange of staff positions. The staff file an application first, then locate themselves at a better position through the assessment of relevant professional skills.

The Young Graduates initiative
Wells give university graduates an opportunity to join the workforce C bringing new knowledge to us. Of the 4 people offered temporary project positions in 2008. When the year was over, 3 of these people stayed on at Wells.

The balance of work
In Wells there are no groundless differences in salaries between men and women, and to make it easy for our employees to combine work.

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