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Respect for the Individual
Respect for the Individual is the means by which WELLS expresses long-term interest in its employees and ensures that every employee counts. We believe each of us is a vital link in a collective effort.

Integrity is the quality of sound moral principle. It is about facing challnges with candor and intellectual honesty. Our commitment to personal integrity compels us to do the right thing.

Our Customers
A customer is anyone whose needs and expectations must be identified and satisfied if we are able to achieve our mission. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations. Our goal is measurable customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is achieved when there is an alignment of strong personal relationships, active listening, open and accurate communication, measurable commitments, and timely execution. At every level of our organization, we build personal relationships with our customers.

Our belief in teamwork is grounded in the knowledge that no one of us can achieve as much as all of us. We know that when people with diverse responsibilities, backgrounds and perspectives are brought together and cooperate toward the attainment of a common goal, very exciting things happen.

Excellence is striving for exemplary or exceptional results. This is a common personal characteristic shared by all of our employees. Being our best is about exceeding the ever-escalating expectations of our students, other customers, employees, and owners in achieving Wells's Mission and enhancing the future of our institution. Although we will never achieve perfection, there is no excuse for not doing our best. We explicitly accept accountability for consistently improving measured performance in academic achievement, administrative support, student and customer satisfaction, and financial performance.

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