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Wells Shipping Agency provides customs clearance facilities at all major airports and sea ports throughout China and all Wells offices are computer linked to Customs enabling import and export clearance documentation to be lodged instantly. 

24 HOURS SERVICE As the Port of Shenzhen is a 24 Hours / 7 Days a Week operation the Wells Shenzhen office offers the same 24/7 cover to ensure a high level of customer service and support. 

Wells Customs Facilities Advantages:
Direct Trader Input into both DESTIN 8 and CNS port clearance system.
Expertise in both Bulk and Containerised traffic.
Experience in IPR, End Use, Warehousing etc...
Import/Export clearance for cargoes shipped into/out from any China port.
REDS (Registered Excise Dealer Status) approval.
VAT declarations.
Warehousing entries.

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