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Wells has worked with customers in many different industries which has led us to develop solutions for unique types of cargo. We have experience in moving cargo of various sizes, shapes and heavy weights that cannot be containerized. These situations require special handling equipment with very close control. The Wells team has the experience and qualifications to help you. Our expertise has allowed us to overcome the challenges presented by certain less frequented trading routes, oversize and time sensitive cargo.

Our project cargo service utilizes every mode of transport. Our service doesn't end at the port but rather with our experience and know-how, we can provide you with uncrating and placement of equipment into your site.

Wells Project Cargo Advantages:
Maximum number of qualified carriers bidding on each charter. More Bidders: More Flexibility, More Competition and More Availability.
Qualification of carrier is the primary role of our charter management.
Optimization of equipment and carrier selection.
Maximize trips by utilizing available back-haul services.
Exert our purchasing leverage to maximize savings.
Door to Door management service.
One communication focal point.
Safety and Insurance data on carriers are verified.
De-consolidation and assembly service.
Packaging design.

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